Isn’t that a beautiful photo of the Dempster Highway?

I drove up from Vancouver this summer with my lovely mother to start a new position as editor of the Inuvik Drum, a weekly newspaper.

This is my fourth stop in the north working for Northern News Services.

I started in Yellowknife, did a temporary fill-in stint in Fort Simpson, spent more than a year in Iqaluit and now I’m here in Inuvik. The only other bureaus my company has are in Rankin Inlet and Hay River.

So far, I’ve been blown away by the sense of community and friendliness here. This is an active, well-run, loving, almost a bit touristy town. It’s very different from Iqaluit, which seemed to have less of a sense of community, was more transient and I think culturally is going through a difficult period.

One thing that has stood out to me is how loving the children are. Everyone hugs each other at the schools. Little kids hold hands and run around. It is very warm here, and the town is full of community groups and activities.

I’m a bit of a serial website maker and project tinkerer. The busier I am with real work, the more inspired I get about side projects. I like when my brain is fired up managing deadlines. I’m a more productive person than when jobs get too easy and I fall into a lull.

I hope to put different types of content on this site, which is probably the 10th or 20th one I’ve made in the last few years. My favourite other site of mine is British Columbia Rockhound, which gets more than a thousand hits a month now, but unfortunately, I’m no longer rockhounding in BC to keep it updated.

Thanks for reading.


Posted by Stewart Burnett

Journalist, stutterer, rockhounder, painter.

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