It feels great to be painting again.

I had not had a painting night in more than three months.

From start to finish, I put in about 5 hours of work on this guy.

He’s a Savage Orruk, and he’s joining my Ogor army in the blue snow arctic.

This was a test paint job. I like it, although the colours I used for the skin and bone are too similar. They look the same, but the skin is supposed to be highlighted with green while the bone is gray and white. Oh well.

Nineteen more of these guys are getting ready for me on the painting table. Each one takes less time as you go and get used to the models.

Thanks for looking.

img_3700 img_3702 img_3705 img_3707 img_3709 img_3712


Posted by Stewart Burnett

Journalist, stutterer, rockhounder, painter.


  1. lynneburnett2014 November 5, 2016 at 3:25 pm

    He may be a Savage Orruk but he looks beautiful! Those teeth, and eyes!



  2. lynneburnett2014 November 5, 2016 at 1:22 pm

    Glad you finally got some decent paint time in! Oh happy night! Speaking of which, tonight the clocks go back an hour so you can paint 6 hours maybe haha!

    I’m sure you know this but forgot to tell you ICBC mailed an insurance reminder here – Nov. 25 your truck expires.

    Love you to the moon, which on the 14th is supposed to be a super supermoon!



    1. Thank you, Mom. Perhaps an even better way of letting me know about daylight saving time and my insurance is writing a letter to the editor for the Drum!



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