I went to Seattle briefly during Christmas and stopped in at the NW Rockhounds shop, a great store run by a real passionate guy.

I got some abalone shells to hold rocks and of course loaded up on some new rocks too.

Now I’ve got a few nice displays of my rocks here in Inuvik.


Lots of stuff in here. Various jaspers and agates, serpentine, Dallasite, obsidian agate stick on the right there, petrified wood tucked in the middle, quartz crystals. The rough piece in the middle top is natural opal.


Closer view. Serpentine is the green at the bottom, Dallasite is from Vancouver Island and green/black/white, obsidian on the right, opal on the top, jasper on the bottom left, agate bits in the top left, pet wood in the middle.



The big green piece is serpentine. The middle rough piece is Tampa Bay agatized coral. Lots of agate, wood, the usual in here.


Love the orange/red agate for some reason.



Closer view of Tampa Bay coral pieces, with serpentine up top.


Small display of some of the nicer stuff on a slab of petrified wood. Obsidian is the black, chert top left, Flowerstone hounded by myself top right, Dallasite cabochon also hounded by myself bottom right on top of a slab of Montana agate. Montana is my favourite kind of agate.


Posted by Stewart Burnett

Journalist, stutterer, rockhounder, painter.

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