I finished all my Stormcast Eternals in the same speed-paint scheme.

Extremely simple painting style, but I enjoyed it because it was easy. I like the idea of the Stormcast being a legion all looking similar.

The idea is they’re in a very stormy/rainy night and getting covered in blood marching through enemies.

Unfortunately I have no good table to present an army this large, so I apologize for the marks on the one I used. They annoy me.



Posted by Stewart Burnett

Journalist, stutterer, rockhounder, painter.


  1. Those last 3 pics and the long shot of the army on the table with the rock conches – stunning! Don’t want to mess with that big snake/scorpion tailed guy! For a pacifist, I’m surprised at how much I like all the blood spatters! Nicely done.



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