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Journalist, stutterer, rockhounder, painter.

Vasovagal syncope

I wanted to put in writing my experience getting a blood test yesterday, as it was the first time something like this had ever happened to me and was quite a unique feeling. I had […]

Another drive to Inuvik

I drove from Whitehorse to Inuvik again, ending my vacation to the south. It was very nice until the last day on the Dempster, when I drove into a whiteout and my tire went flat. […]

Stormcast Legion Finished

I finished all my Stormcast Eternals in the same speed-paint scheme. Extremely simple painting style, but I enjoyed it because it was easy. I like the idea of the Stormcast being a legion all looking […]

Summer in the Arctic

It is officially summer here in Inuvik. We’ve been into the 24-hour sun for a while now. The idea is somewhat novel but in practice life is like anywhere. The only annoying thing is the […]

Spicing up the Stormcast

I thought my speed-painted Stormcast Eternals were missing something. They looked cool enough but needed a bit of flash. I still think they’re missing something but that’s probably all the work I want to do […]

Rock Displays

Few seem to understand how awesome rocks are.